Web Services

One of the most exciting trends in enterprise application development is the wide-spread adoption of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) implemented with SOAP and REST web service technologies. By standardizing on industry-supported APIs, your enterprise's applications can now communicate with other applications on any platform. In other words, your applications can now interoperate with any other web service, no matter how the other service is implemented, no matter what language or platform is used.

You are no longer locked into one specific architecture or one vendor's proprietary messaging software. Using the new web service standards, your Java applications can exchange messages with applications written in C# and deployed on the Microsoft .NET platform, or COBOL applications deployed on an IBM mainframe, or Python applications deployed on a Linux system.

Articulate Design has over 12 years of experience with software that uses all the major web service specifications, including:

We also have extensive experience with the Java EE standard web service APIs, including:

We can help you develop secure, interoperable web services.

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